Bye Bye Waltah!

It appears as if the Boston Celtics will be sending Walter McCarty to the Phoenix Suns for a second-round draft pick. According to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald, McCarty was informed that the deal was close and the Celtics were awaiting final approval from the Suns.

The only question remains is: who will Tommy Heinsohn love now?

Heinsohn, the Celtics color commentator alongside Mike Gorman for every game, is currently best known for turning the broadcasting world on its heels with his unabashed and unapologetic Celtics bias. In an era where color commentators are often deposed head coaches looking for their next job, and therefore fearful of saying anything that will give any of their 30 potential employers reason to cross them off their list, Heinsohn's fresh and heartfelt love for his team is contagious and entertaining.

Heinsohn won eight championships alongside Bill Russell and under super-legendary head coach and Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach, then coached the Celtics to two more championships. He is not looking for another head coaching opportunity, so he can say pretty much whatever he wants.

And what does he want to say? For the past several seasons, it's been a consistent chorus of "I... LOVE... WALTAH!" McCarty will surely miss Heinsohn's booming approval, and Heinsohn will surely miss the three-point specialist, long-armed fronting defender, and overall scrappy veteran.

Heinsohn routinely gives out "Tommy Points" to those players who go the extra mile in hustling for the loose ball, taking a physical charge, or standing their ground against the defense. Heinsohn probably appreciates such play most because as a player he was nicknamed "Tommy Gun" as much for his propensity to shoot as for his tenacity and toughness.

Perhaps no Celtic has amassed as many Tommy Points as McCarty. If there were an official record being kept, McCarty would have his jersey retired the next time the Suns and Celtics met.

So who will Heinsohn love now?

Perhaps Heinsohn already felt the change in the air. Perhaps he was starting the transition process for the fans. Whatever it was, there came this pronouncement after a particularly good play by second-year-man Kendrick Perkins.