Hawks Eye Troy Hudson

Philip Maymin
Basketball News Services 

If Troy Hudson was healthy last year, we might have seen the Timberwolves in the Finals. In some ways, it is that fact that is keeping the Wolves from re-signing Hudson to what everyone thought was essentially a done deal. Language involving guarantees and injury protection have slowed contract talks, and the Pioneer Press is reporting that Hudson is getting frustrated. So frustrated that he would consider a contract offer from the Hawks.

Hudson and the Hawks both thought they had an agreement in principle for a six-year deal worth $37 million in total. Of that, only $21 million was guaranteed. However, the incentives and injury clauses have raised some eyebrows at the NBA League Offices. The NBA is insisting the contract clarify certain salary cap issues. All the legal mumbo-jumbo is starting to tick Hudson off, who just wanted to be signed to a deal already.

The Hawks would love to pick up Hudson, as they would then field a surprisingly competitive team, and would have a better shot at landing Erick Dampier if one is to believe he is looking to be on a competitive team.

Meanwhile, Seattle also is interested in Hudson. Two bidders is enough to generate fair market value so it is not surprising that Hudson is looking at alternatives to the drawn-out legalities with the Wolves.

The Hawks have released their 2004-2005 season schedule.


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Charley Waters ofThe Pioneer Presswrites: Timberwolves free-agent point guard Troy Hudson could end up with the Atlanta Hawks this week if a contract with the Wolves can't be concluded.Three weeks ago, Hudson and the Wolves said they thought they had a six-year contract agreement for $37 million, with $21 million guaranteed. Since then, there have been disagreements on both sides about language involving the amount of guarantees and injury protection, and the NBA wouldn't approve the deal unless some salary cap issues were clarified. The Pioneer Press reported last week that Hudson is getting frustrated over the lack of progress. Atlanta is expected to offer Hudson a contract, and Seattle is interested, too. If a deal with the Wolves can't be reached within the next few days, look for Hudson to take his services elsewhere.

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