No More Trades

Philip Maymin
Basketball News Services 

The Orlando Magic are probably finished dealing, as they have temporarily run out of chips. Only Grant Hill has a large enough contract to potentially get anything in return value, but given that he is significantly overpaid, and it's not even an expiring contract, he would need to be packaged with very young and cheap players to get any deal. Other than Hill, the Magic have only two players left without trade kickers or trade restrictions: Keith Bogans and Andrew DeClercq. In other words, the Magic are probably done dealing.

Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, and Hedo Turkoglu recently signed contracts and can't be traded until December 15.

Pat Garrity has a trade kicker.

The former Rockets Steve Francis, Cuttino Mobley, and Kelvin Cato cannot be traded as part of a package because they were recently involved in a trade. However, any one of those three could be packaged individually in a trade. The same goes for recently acquired Tony Battie.

In other words, unless Grant Hill is involved in the trade, there is no way for the Magic to pull off some kind of blockbuster move, e.g. getting Erick Dampier. There's just no way to work it.

The Contra Costa Times notes: Drew Gooden, former Orlando Magic (now Cleveland Cavaliers) player and former El Cerrito High School All-American, will be holding a camp for boys and girls ages 7-14 Aug. 9-13 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Albany High School. Campers will receive T-shirt, customized ball and picture with Gooden. Proceeds benefit Scholar Athletes, Inc. 510-223-5518, drewgoodencamp@yahoo.com or www.drewgooden.net.

Tim Povtak ofThe Orlando Sentinel notes: [Shaquille] O'Neal, who is spending much of his summer in Central Florida, will put on the boxing gloves and climb into the ring against Antonio Tarver, the light heavyweight world champion, at Universal Studios on Aug. 6. It's the main event in a charity fund-raiser titled: Shaq's Mama Said Knock You Out. It benefits the Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund, which provides a scholarship fund for individuals seeking careers in nursing. Tickets for the event are $125. For more information, call 813-286-8300.


M.R. Kropko ofThe Associated Presswrites inThe Oakland Tribune: Drew Gooden thinks he can be the same kind of relentless rebounder that Carlos Boozer was for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coach Paul Silas thinks so, too. "I think it's just going to be a good fit for him as well as us," Silas said Wednesday when Gooden was introduced at a news conference. "I think Pax (general manager Jim Paxson) did a great job of working this thing out, and we couldn't be happier."... "I want the ball every time it comes off the rim," Gooden said. "It's a passion."

Sam Amico writes inThe Chicago Sports Times: The bad news for Orlando fans is No. 1 overall draft pick Dwight Howard looks like he’ll need lots of time to develop, as he appeared soft and overmatched against post players who won’t even be in the NBA next season. That’s not meant to trash Howard, as he clearly has some solid skills … but again, I don’t understand the logic of paying a guy millions for two years when he clearly won’t be much of a contributor until at least year No. 3. -- The GOOD news for Magic fans was the play of middle first-rounder Jameer Nelson, who showed he already knows how to run a team and should be the perfect backup for Steve Francis. In fact, if you ask me, Nelson will be starting AHEAD of Francis in a few years. Nelson doesn’t have the star power or athleticism that puts 12-year olds in the seats like Francis does, but he’s already a better passer, at least as good of a defender, and much more of a winner.Yes, it sounds crazy to the untrained eye, but I believe Nelson will be a better NBA player than Steve Francis. Nelson simply has more tools and greater desire.

Jerry Brewer ofThe Orlando Sentinelwrites: "I definitely don't have any hard feelings about it," said Okafor, the only member of the United States men's basketball team who hasn't played in an NBA game. "The Magic made the best choice for them. I went second, and No. 2 is not a bad place to be. I'm the first draft pick of a new team. That's an honor in itself."... Orlando was thinking that way until it became intrigued by the raw but amazing skills of Howard, a high-schooler. The Magic chose the potential superstar over Okafor, who is expected to be a solid, consistent player. Since the draft, Howard has shown his promise during developmental summer leagues. Okafor has worked to return to his old form after sitting most of the spring to recover from a back injury.