Extend Kwame?

Philip Maymin
Basketball News Services 

Kwame Brown becomes a restricted free agent at the end of this coming season but by that time, the NBA may have implemented a new collective bargaining agreement, one that many player agents and representatives fear may limit the length of new contracts. Brown could lock in a longer deal this summer by inking an extension with the Wizards, but is Washington ready to double-down on their still-unrealized gamble?

If the Wizards can lock in Brown on a non-maxed-out six-year contract starting at the end of next season, they will have bought themselves a lot of room and patience with him. Even when the contract expires, Brown would be only 29 years old. From his point of view, that means he would still be able to sign at least one more powerful deal. From the Wizards point of view, they will have him locked in during his mid-20s when he could really start to peak.

On the other hand, many observers have pointed out that Brown may benefit most from a change of scenery. He is either on the verge of unleashing his awesome potential, or being a 10 point, 8 rebound player the rest of his life. Even that level isn't bad, by the way. Anybody who's a double-double threat night-in and night-out is a good player to have on your team.

If the Wizards can lock him up, it would be a great move for the franchise. And the reverse side of this win-win situation is that the only reason for Brown not to extend is if he would be looking for max money next year as a restricted free agent, much like Kenyon Martin did this year. Why would that be great news for the Wizards? Because then there's a chance Brown goes all-out Erick Dampier-style to make himself attractive.

Either way, the Wizards win.

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Do not be confused by www.votekwamebrown.org. It's an entirely different person. The young Wizards center has not been influenced by politically active teammate Etan Thomas to run for the D.C. Council.


John N. Mitchell ofThe Washington Timeswrites: The Washington Wizards signed rookie center Peter John Ramos to a contract yesterday.Terms of the deal were not disclosed... Ramos, a 7-foot-3, 265-pound center who won't turn 20 until next May, is a member of Puerto Rico's Olympic team that will compete next month in the Olympic Games in Athens... Ramos, selected with the Wizards' second-round pick (32nd overall), was an early entry candidate in last month's NBA Draft after playing the last four seasons with Criollos de Caguas of the Superior Basketball League in Puerto Rico. In 24 games last season, Ramos was among the league leaders in scoring (20.5), rebounding (9.5) and blocked shots (2.4).

Tom Knott ofThe Washington Timeswrites: David Stern dumped the Wizards in the newly formed handicapped division of the NBA, and all was well until you know who showed up to it last week.He is mad, too. There is nothing worse than an angry 340-pound man who has vengeance oozing out of every pore in his body. We are sentenced to live with it until Shaq either becomes a police officer or Kazaam on a full-time basis... After securing Jamison, the Wizards ruled the Southeast Division for about three weeks. We were No. 1 in that time period, no question about it, based on the relatively modest performance levels of the guilty last season. Let's study the evidence: Atlanta, 28-54; Charlotte, expansion team; Miami, 42-40; Orlando, 21-61; Washington, 25-57. This is somewhat misleading. The Wizards were really a 35-win team last season, except for the fact that the conscientious objector always was shutting it down. It is hard for a team to play through weekly shutting-it-down announcements...

Tom Knott ofThe Washington Timeswrites: You see the darnedest things in the Southeast Division. Not to be critical of someone interested in serving the public, but what's up with Kwame Brown's at-large bid to become a member of the D.C. Council?Kwame, let's prioritize here: Become an NBA All-Star first. Worry about saving the city later. Another thing: You are not aging well and you have put on weight, judging by your campaign photographs.

Sheldon Longley ofThe Nassau Guardianwrites: A few of those stars came out yesterday to share some of their knowledge with the campers and also conduct a few drills. Brendan Haywood of the Washington Wizards was the only present NBA star to show up yesterday but former player and popular ESPN analyst Greg Anthony was probably the most popular... Haywood spoke to the campers yesterday and stressed the importance of listening and working hard both in basketball and in life. "I just came to support Jeff Rodgers and his camp. I was told about it and it was something that I wanted to be a part of," said seven footer Haywood. "There are a lot of kids out here and they seem real eager to learn. This is definitely something that I would like to continue to be a part of. Jeff is a really good guy and he is doing something really good in the community."