Stackhouse As Good As Gone?

Philip Maymin
Basketball News Services 

Jerry Stackhouse is one of the premier names left unprotected by the Wizards in advance of the Charlotte Bobcats' expansion draft tomorrow night, and he is considered to be one of Charlotte's strong possibilities for being taken. Particularly if Washington pays up to the maximum $3 million or offers draft picks. It would be foolish of the rebuilding Wizards to offer particularly high draft picks but paying some cash to get his big, long contract off the books could be worth it.

Stackhouse is set to earn $7 million next season, and he has two more years on his contract after that, at $7.5 million and $8 million, respectively. Could paying 13.3 cents on the dollar of his remaining three-year contract be worth it to the Wizards to get a $7 million trade exception this year? It would also bring their total salary to right around $33 million before adding in the value of the rookie contracts they will draft, leaving them with enough flexibility in the coming years to be able to pursue marquee names.

The much-disappointing and much-disappointed Stackhouse could also be a terrific player for the Bobcats. He brings a veteran stability and a shoot-first attitude that can at the very least keep the Bobcats in any game they play if the defense forgets about him for even a single possession. If he teams with Antoine Walker, another player left exposed to the Bobcats, Charlotte could be fielding a team that has some experienced veterans right off the bat.

And you know that much as he might not enjoy it, his fellow and young Bobcats would love to hear any and all Michael Jordan stories that he'd like to tell.

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Lacy J. Banks ofThe Chicago Sun-Times writes: Jerry Stackhouse has been ailing ever since Michael Jordan traded Richard Hamilton to acquire him.If Jordan had kept Hamilton at shooting guard while he played small forward, the Wizards would have made the playoffs this year.

Gary Bedore ofThe Lawrence, KS Journal-World writes: Billy Thomas refuses to abandon his dream of playing in the NBA.His performance overseas -- which followed two successful seasons in the National Basketball Developmental League -- again has "sparked a lot of interest" from NBA teams, said Thomas, whose agent has been contacted by representatives of the New Jersey Nets and Washington Wizards.

John Denton ofUSA Todaywrites: The highlight of the season for McGrady came on March 10 when he poured in 62 points against the Washington Wizards.It was the most points in the NBA in 10 years. Of the six 50-point games in the 15-year history of the Magic, McGrady owns four of them.